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All Are Welcome: Smoked Fish Pie

Venue: All Are Welcome, 190 High Street, Northcote Co-Owner & Chef: Boris Portnoy On The Menu: Smoked Fish Pie

Boris opened up All Are Welcome in Northcote, Melbourne, late last year in collaboration with the guys from Everyday Coffee. It's a place that creates beautiful pastries, but at TMP, we're far more interested in his savoury fare.

Boris sources our Smoked Rockling and combines it with peas, potatoes, dill, continental parsley and bechamel.

He folds the mixture into his exquisite homemade puff pastry and braids the edges. He makes it look so easy.

He then bakes them off each day to create the Smoked Fish Pie. Seriously one of the tastiest things north of the river.

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