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Welcome to a world of smoking - Freemans style.


The Melbourne Pantry is David Freeman Senior, and David Freeman Junior. Father and Son. Butcher and Chef. Smoker and Smoker (of the food kind).


A butcher from the age of 14, David Snr instilled a love of food in his son, David Jnr, who worked in the family butchering business in Birmingham, England, before training as a chef.  


David Jnr worked under Michelin star chef Alan Garth at various venues, including New Hall Country House Hotel, the oldest inhabited moated house in Europe, and the luxurious Horsted Place Hotel. It was Garth who taught David the traditional smoking methods he employs today.


Searching for a warmer climate, David moved to Australia and continued to refine his smoking techniques whilst working with The Big Group. As a specialist in hand-sliced smoked salmon he soon had a thriving business on his hands and David Snr moved to Australia to help out (and to enjoy a bit of sun).


They loved their new home, but Aussie bacon just didn’t cut the mustard for this Brummie duo. What are a butcher and a chef to do? Produce their own, of course. 


But it's not all traditional with this pair, and there’s not a lot these Brits won’t smoke, including maple syrup and seasonal additions such as tomatoes and yoghurt. Their butchering finesse and keen eye for great meat also makes them the go-to for many first class Melbourne restaurants and cafes who love their Grass Fed Beef range.

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